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How companies profited on employee lives

  1. Companies Profit on Workers' Deaths
    Through 'Dead Peasants' Insurance
    --- The article that launched the series.  |  The Wall Street Journal, 19 April 2002, A1

  2. How Life Insurance Morphed
    Into a Corporate Finance Tool
    --- The final story in the series, exploring a history of state and federal lobbying, and tax shelters gone wild  |  The Wall Street Journal, 30 December 2002, A1

  3. Tax Benefits of Life Insurance
    Help to Boost the Bottom Line
    --- A primer on just how companies have profited by taking out life-insurance policies on their employees  |  The Wall Street Journal, 30 December 2002

  4. Retirement & employee benefits coverage (written with Ellen E. Schultz)  |  The Wall Street Journal, 2002-2008


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