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From 2002 through mid-2008, I worked closely with Ellen E. Schultz, The Wall Street Journal’s groundbreaking pension reporter. Among other stories, we uncovered how companies boost profits by cutting retiree health-care, how executives get lifetime health benefits and how Medicare’s prescription-drug benefit gave big employers a multi-billion-dollar windfall.

Retirement & employee-benefits coverage

The Wall Street Journal

A selection of stories from the past

  1. Medical Dilemma: Spread of Records Stirs Patient Fears Of Privacy Erosion --- Ms. Galvin's Insurer Studies Psychotherapist's Notes; A Dispute Over the Rules --- Complaint Tally Hits 23,896  |  The Wall Street Journal, 26 December 2006, A1

  2. To Be Old, Frail And Evicted: Patients at Risk --- As Nursing Homes Shift Focus To Short-Term Rehab Care, Families Must Look Elsewhere  |  The Wall Street Journal, 7 August 2008, D1

  3. Possums Are Playing Upside-Down Role In Florida Elections --- Panhandle Marsupial Event Is Vital Campaign Stop; Jeb Bush Was a Regular  |  The Wall Street Journal, 11 August 2006, A1

  4. Janitor’s insurance series: How companies profit from secret life insurance policies covering their employees and former employees (written with Ellen E. Schultz)  |  The Wall Street Journal, 2002-2003

  5. Retirement & employee benefits coverage: How employers profit by cutting retiree and employee benefits and soup up executive benefits, often at the expense of ordinary workers (written with Ellen E. Schultz)  |  The Wall Street Journal, 2002-2008


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